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I haven’t been writing much lately due to health issues, so I was quite shocked and very honored when I seen a comment left by a dear friend and fellow poet, Nominating me for the ” VERY INSPIRATIONAL BLOGGER AWARD.”  Very honored just to be thought of in that way in regards to my ramblings and thoughts.

So I guess the rules are to list seven things about yourself and nominate other bloggers that you feel are deserving of the award.  Blog your response and then publish.

(Graphic borrowed from Pangeanpoetry)

I think it is a great way to show your appreciation for those you admire and a wonderful way to compliment their efforts!

Thank you to Pangeanpoetry for the nomination!

Ok so now 7 things about me…

1. I am a woman (that leads to so many sub-subjects and opens doors to other discussions…lol)

2. I am a Mother to 2 wonderful human beings!

3. I am very emotional ( kinda falls under #1, but hey,  I am who I am)

4. I have severe depression which I struggle with every day!

5. I am a Cancer Survivor-Breast and Cervical

6. I am blessed with my friends who I consider to be my true family!

7. I have recently learned to give myself permission to to be comfortable with my emotions and actions, be it good or bad!

Now to whom I feel is deserving of this accolade…


Frankly My Dear

A Devine Walk

The Babbling Baby


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